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Irregular Galaxy M82














  Object Irregular Galaxy (M82), in Ursa Major 
  Telescope (Photo) Celestron 11" EdgeHD OTA @ f/7 on Losmandy G-11 Mount
  Telescope (Guiding) Orion EON 80mm ED Refractor @ f/15.625 on Losmandy G11 Mount
  Camera (Photo) SBIG ST8300M monochrome CCD with tri-color (R/G/B) filters controlled by Sequence Generator Pro
  Camera (Guiding) SBIG ST-i w/PHD2 Guiding
  Exposure Detail Combination of 16 luminance images binned 1x1 at 300 seconds each and 16 each R/G/B images binned 2x2 at 120 seconds each;  calibrated with bias, flat, and dark frames; image processing w/PixInsight 1.8.9
  Location Quilted Starfields Observatory, Chiefland, FL  (N29.406, W82.859)
  Date 02/22/2023