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Barred-Spiral Galaxy - NGC1097













  Object Barred-spiral galaxy (NGC1097), in Fornax (note elliptical satellite galaxy NGC1097A at 7:00 position to NGC1097)
  Telescope (Photo) Celestron 11" EdgeHD SCT OTA  with Optec/Lepus f/6.2 focal reducer on  Losmandy G-11 Mount
  Telescope (Guiding) Orion EON 80mm ED Refractor @ f/15.625 (f/6.25 w/2.5x Powermate) on Losmandy G11 Mount
  Camera (Photo) SBIG ST8300M monochrome CCD
  Camera (Guiding) Starlight Express Lodestar w/ PHD Guiding
  Exposure Detail Excluded-average combination of 14 luminance-only images at 300 seconds each;  
RAW file conversion, full calibration (flat, dark, bias, flat-dark), and initial image processing using ImagesPlus 3.83; final image processing using Photoshop CS3
  Location Private Property at Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida
(N29.406, W82.860)
  Date 12/4/10