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NGC4631 - The Whale Galaxy













  Object Spiral Galaxy “The Whale Galaxy” (NGC4631), with NGC4627 ("The Pup" Galaxy), in Canes Venatici
  Telescope (Photo) Celestron 8" SCT OTA @ f/6.3 on Losmandy G11 Mount
  Telescope (Guiding) Meade ETX 90mm OTA @f/13.8 on Losmandy G11 Mount
  Camera (Photo) Canon 50D DSLR
  Camera (Guiding) Meade DSI Pro II w/PHD Guiding
  Exposure Detail Excluded-Average combination of 15 images at 300 seconds each, ISO1600; RAW file conversion, calibration (bias and dark only), and initial image processing using ImagesPlus 3.75; final image processing using Photoshop CS3
  Location Cincinnati Astronomical Society's Dark-Sky Site (Adams County, Ohio) (N38.876, W83.464)
  Date 04/25/09