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M31-The Andromeda Galaxy (with Comet)














M31, the Andromeda Galaxy; Spiral Galaxy M32 (lower edge of M31, just right of core); Spiral Galaxy M110 (immediately above M31 Core); and Comet 64P Swift-Gehrels (green fuzzy area at bottom edge, right of photo center), in Andromeda

  Telescope (Photo) Canon 70-200 Zoom Lens at 70mm (f4.0)
  Telescope (Guiding) iOptron SkyTracker Pro Camera Mount  
  Camera (Photo) Canon 60Da DSLR Camera
  Camera (Guiding) None
  Exposure Detail Excluded-Average combination of 60 images at 30 seconds each, ISO6400; RAW file conversion, dark calibration, and initial image processing using ImagesPlus 6.5; final image processing using Paintshop Pro X8
  Location Private Property at Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida
(N29.406, W82.858)
  Date 11/03/2018