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NGC5866 - Spiral Galaxy













  Object Spiral Galaxy (NGC5866), in Draco
  Telescope (Photo) Meade LX200GPS 12 SCT @ f/6.3
  Telescope (Guiding) Meade LX200GPS 12" SCT @ f/6.3 (off-axis)
  Camera (Photo) Canon 20Da DSLR
  Camera (Guiding) Meade DSI Pro II w/ PHD Guiding
  Exposure Detail Median combination of 15 images at 300 seconds each, ISO1600; RAW file conversion, full calibration (bias, flat, dark), and initial image processing using ImagesPlus 2.82; final image processing using Photoshop CS3
  Location Private Property at Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida
(N29.406, W82.860)
  Date 03/03/08
  Comments  NGC5866 is believed by some astronomers to be the "real" M102.  Due to a recording error by Charles Messier, M102's position remains unclear and astronomers generally believe M102 to be a duplicate observation of M101.  However, if the recording error is rationalized, NGC5866 above can be found in the position perhaps intended originally by Messier.