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North Star Trails

NOTE:  Click for animation sequence! (30MB)

NOTE:  Click for animated star trails build sequence! (55MB)













  Object Star Trails, looking north
  Telescope (Photo) Rokinon 8mm Ultra-Wide (Fish-Eye) lens at f/8
  Telescope (Guiding) N/A
  Camera (Photo) Canon 50Dh (Hutec modified) DSLR
  Camera (Guiding) N/A
  Exposure Detail “Maximum” combination of 323 images at 60 seconds each, over 5.5 hours elapsed time, ISO400; RAW file conversion, dark calibration, and initial image processing using ImagesPlus 6.0; final image processing using Photoshop CS5.5

Cincinnati Astronomical Society's Dark-Sky Site (Adams County, Ohio) (N38.876, W83.464)

  Date 04/11/15