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Leonids Meteor Storm - November 18, 2001












  Object Leonids Meteor Storm
  Telescope (Photo) Vivitar 28mm lens @ f/2.5
  Telescope (Guiding) Celestron Celestar Deluxe Computerized 8" SCT
  Camera (Photo) Minolta SRT-201
  Camera (Guiding) N/A
  Exposure Detail

Various; 15 minutes (guided) - 3 minutes (unguided); Kodak Black and White 400 film; processed in Photoshop

  Location Tranquility State Wildlife Area (Ohio)
  Date 11/18/01

Guided photo taken around 2:00am, unguided photos taken 5:30am-6:15am (at local peak).

Prior to peak, observed rate was up to 200/hr.  At peak, observed rate was over 1500/hr

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11/18/01 Leonids
 Photo 1 (Guided)
11/18/01 Leonids
Photo 2
11/18/01 Leonids
Photo 3
11/18/01 Leonids
Photo 4