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Sunset on Mauna Kea (13,680 ft)













  Object Sunset at Mauna Kea, Hawaii Island:  (l-r) Subaru Telescope, Keck I and Keck II
(Haleakala, Maui barely visible to right and slightly above Keck II)
  Telescope (Photo) N/A
  Telescope (Guiding) N/A
  Camera (Photo) Canon 50D DSLR w/ Tamron 28-75 lens @28mm (f/5.6)
  Camera (Guiding) N/A
  Exposure Detail Single 1/800-second image at ISO400;  RAW file conversion and image processing using Photoshop CS3
  Location Near United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) in Mauna Kea Observatory area, Hawaii
(N19.49, W155.28, 13,680ft elevation)
  Date 05/15/09 @ approximately 7:15pm