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M104 - The Sombrero Galaxy with Asterisms "Jaws" and "Stargate"













  Object Spiral Galaxy "The Sombrero Galaxy" (M104) with Asterisms "Jaws" (upper center) and "Stargate" (lower right), in Virgo
  Telescope (Photo) Televue 85mm refractor @ f/5.6 on Losmandy G11 Mount
  Telescope (Guiding) Celestron 8" SCT OTA @ f/6.3 on Losmandy G11 Mount
  Camera (Photo) Canon 20Da DSLR
  Camera (Guiding) Meade DSI Pro II w/PHD Guiding
  Exposure Detail Median combination of 17 images at 300 seconds each, ISO1600; RAW file conversion, full calibration (bias, flat, dark, and flat dark), and initial image processing using ImagesPlus 3.75; final image processing using Photoshop CS3
  Location Private Property at Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida
(N29.406, W82.860)
  Date 03/24/09