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Camera Comparison:  Canon 50Dh / 60Da













  Object Camera comparison using The Witch's Broom Nebula (NGC6992), in Cygnus;
Top:  Canon 50Dh DSLR (Hutech Modified)
Bottom:  Canon 60Da DSLR
  Telescope (Photo) Celestron 11" EdgeHD SCT OTA w/ Celestron EdgeHD 0.7 Focal Reducer on Losmandy G11 Mount
  Telescope (Guiding) Top: Orion EON 80mm ED Refractor @ f/12.5 (f/6.25 w/2x Powermate) on Losmandy G11 Mount 
Bottom: Orion EON 80mm ED Refractor @ f/6.25 on Losmandy G11 Mount 
  Camera (Photo) Top:  Canon 50Dh DSLR (Hutech Modified)
Bottom:  Canon 60Da DSLR
  Camera (Guiding) Top:  Meade DSI Pro III w/ PHD Guiding
Bottom:  SBIG ST-i w/ PHD Guiding
  Exposure Detail Excluded-average combination of 20 images (top) and 21 images (bottom) at 300 seconds each (captured using ImagesPlus 4.50), full calibration (bias, dark, flat, flat-dark), and initial image processing using ImagesPlus 4.50A; final image processing using Photoshop CS5.1; both images processed with identical processing steps and values.
  Location Cincinnati Astronomical Society's Dark-Sky Site (Adams County, Ohio) (N38.876, W83.464) 
  Date Top:  06/15/12
Bottom:  06/22/12
  Comments First light with new Canon 60Da astrophotography DSLR camera.  Comparison with same object taken 1 week earlier under very similar conditions, using identical imaging equipment except for imaging camera.  Canon 50D camera was modified after purchase by Hutech to replace filter to pass much more red than unmodified camera.  Canon 60Da was factory-modified to pass 3x more red than unmodified camera.  Image sizes are different due to slightly different pixel density (15mp for 50Dh, 18mp for 60Da).  Above images taken through new Celestron EdgeHD 0.7 focal reducer.  Also used Optec TCF-Si temperature-controlled focuser.  Both images cropped only by a few pixels at right and top, to remove dithering effects.