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Shuttle Launch STS-129 - November 16, 2009












  Object Shuttle (Atlantis) Launch, Mission STS-129
  Lens Canon 70-200mm L zoom lens
  Camera Canon 50D (Hutech Modified)
  Exposure Detail

Various (1/500-1/800 second); Converted from RAW in ImagesPlus 3.80; processed in Photoshop CS3

  Location Kennedy Point Park, Titusville, Florida (N28.55, W80.79)
  Date 11/16/09

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The View Across the
Indian River
Another View Across
the Indian River
T-4 Seconds: 
T-0 Seconds: 




T+3 Seconds: 
Clearing the Tower
T+7 Seconds: 
Rotation Begins
T+10 Seconds T+12 Seconds



T+15 Seconds T+19 Seconds T+21 Seconds: 
Through the Clouds
T+22 Seconds




T+29 Seconds T+48 Seconds T+57 Seconds T+1:52: 
Meanwhile, Back at
the Launch Pad...



Just Before SRB Separation
SRB Separation