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Eight Meteors Over Four Hours
(mouse over picture below to show meteor trails)



Object Eight meteors (composite) over four hours - 23:45-03:45EDT May 23/24, 2014
Most of these are from  a new meteor shower, the Camelopardalids, associated with Comet 209P/LINEAR.
Telescope (Photo) Canon 10-22 Zoom Lens at 10mm (f4.5)
Telescope (Guiding) iOptron SkyTracker Camera Mount
Camera (Photo) Canon 60Da DSLR Camera
Camera (Guiding) None
Exposure Detail Composite of 8 images at 45 seconds each, ISO3200; RAW file conversion using Canon Digital Photo Professional; final image processing using Photoshop CS5.1
Location Cincinnati Astronomical Society's Dark-Sky Site (Adams County, Ohio) (N38.876, W83.464)
Date 05/23/142