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Open Star Cluster M41
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 Solar System

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Total Solar Eclipse Sequence Total Solar Eclipse
First Contact
Total Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse
Nearly Total

Total Solar Eclipse
with Prominences
(taken by Dana Willis)
Total Solar Eclipse
with Corona
(taken by Dana Willis)
"Supermoon" Lunar
Eclipse: September 27,
Comet C/2014 Q2

The Moon 11/27/2014 8 Meteors Over 4 Hours Comet C2012K1 -
Jupiter 4/3/14

Mars 4/3/14 Saturn 4/3/14 Jupiter 4/3/14 Mars 4/19/14

Saturn 4/19/14 Comet Lovejoy Comet Lovejoy Comet ISON

Comet Lovejoy Comet ISON Comet C2011-L4
Crescent Moon
with Earthshine

Comet 168: /
Saturn - 7/7/12 Pluto - 8/17/12 Comet C2009P1-

Comet Garradd Comet Garradd
with M71
Comet 103P/Hartley
with the Double Cluster
Comet 103P/Hartley

The Sun in H-Alpha The Sun in White Light Sunspots - White Light 99% Full Moon (6/6/09)

Mars 12/25/07 Comet 17P/Holmes Comet 17P/Holmes - Widefield Venus, Regulus, The Moon, and Saturn 

Waxing Gibbous Moon Waning Gibbous Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (8/28/07)

Moon & Venus 05/19/07


Saturn 05/28/06 Jupiter 05/27/06 Comet 73P-M57 Close Encounter May 7, 2006 Animation:
Comet 73P-M57 Close Encounter
May 7, 2006
(WARNING:  859k Download)


Comet 73P (Multiple Photos) Last-Quarter Moon First-Quarter Moon Partial Solar Eclipse



Partial Solar Eclipse Venus Transit 2004 Venus Transit 2004 Venus Transit w/ Airplane
June 2004




Mars 9/7/03 Mars 7/26/03 Mars 7/20/03 Jupiter & the Great
Red Spot 3/14/03



Jupiter w/ Ganymede
Transit 2/20/03
Full Moon 12/30/01 "Blue Moon" Sun w/ Clouds & Sunspots



Comet Ikeya-Zhang Pluto's Motion
Over Four Nights
Pluto Animation