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Total Solar Eclipse Sequence - April 8, 2024














  Object Total solar eclipse (April 8, 2024) mosaic sequence (top row L-R, middle row R-L, bottom row L-R)
  Telescope (Photo) N/A
  Telescope (Guiding) N/A
  Camera (Photo) Canon 60Da with Canon 70-200mm zoom lens at 200mm, and Canon 60D with Sigma 150-600mm zoom lens at 600mm (totality)
  Camera (Guiding) N/A
  Exposure Detail Combination of 20 color images at 600 seconds each;  calibrated with bias, dark, and flat frames; image processing w/PixInsight 1.8.9
  Location Cape Girardeau, Missouri (N37.2991, W89.5840)
  Date 04/08/2024
  Note This mosaic covers almost the entire duration of the eclipse. The frames in the middle row, representing totality, were taken by one of my traveling companions, Dana Willis, who was gracious enough to donate his totality shots  for this mosaic. At the start of totality and again at the end of totality, Dana captured the "Diamond Ring" effect.  Because Dana and I used very different lenses, I had to down-scale and rotate his shots to get them to properly fit into my this mosaic.